Polaroid Revival Attempt #215: Launch an Android Picture Frame App

By Gary Cutlack on at

The current owners of the historically important Polaroid brand are attempting to make it relevant once again, launching another kind of image framing and filtering app for Android users. Just what we really needed.

The Polamatic app comes with 36 photo frame options, which, it's claimed, have been sourced by actually digging out old Polaroid photos taken by your dad back when he was a corduroy-shorts-wearing hipster in the 1970s, and scanning them in to ensure complete authenticity.

Then you can add some not-authentic modern photo filters, before sharing them online, with the app rather ironically supporting pinging them out to your Instagram followers. Polamatic is a paid app, costing £1.31. Given that stacks of apps provide rip-off Polaroid frames for free, that might be quite a tough sell. [Google Play via WSJ]

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