Rejected Xbox Names Included "Microsoft Active Reality Zone" and "Eleven-X"

By Gary Cutlack on at

An old interview with Xbox man Seamus Blackley has thrown up some interesting facts regarding the original Xbox, with the machine coming close to launching under the bizarre name 11-X. And the project was also known internally as the laughable "Windows Entertainment Project" -- a deliberately bland name chosen to make Microsoft execs comfortable with the idea.

According to Blackley, who was a key part of the launch team for the original Xbox, one phase of the naming process was to get the "naming guys" to come up with some possible launch names for the machine. These went down the acronym route for some odd reason, with Microsoft receiving a list that included ludicrous suggestions, like calling the console M-PAC (short for Microsoft Play and Action Centre), MARZ (Microsoft Active Reality Zone), VERV (Virtual Entertainment & Reality Venture) and many more.

Thankfully, Blackley told Edge the team realised these were all "crap" ideas and they were binned, although the naming people remained fixated on calling the new console 11-X or Eleven-X. [Edge via Techradar]