Robotic Exoskeleton Attacking... Leicester

By Gary Cutlack on at

All kneel before the mighty Tread Toe, a "hydraulic-powered mechanical beast" that's currently making mincemeat of the manicured lawns and borders of the University of Leicester's Botanic Garden.

It's not alien, or the latest government killing drone technology, or a new concept car. Tread Toe is in fact art, a sort of moving sculpture installation, created by artist James Capper. The artist claims his creation is capable of "very graceful choreography" as it moves, but it's not exactly gazelle-like. You could outrun it. You could out walk it. You could sit there and laugh at it clumping along.

If you fancy seeing the thing live, Capper will be demonstrating Tread Toe this afternoon as part of the Sculpture in the Garden Exhibition at Leicester Uni. He says: "Ultimately, I hope that this combines to create a distinct new language in the realm of mechanical sculpture." [University of Leicester via The Register]