Sony Manages to Brick Yet More Devices

By Sam Gibbs on at

What the hell is Sony playing at right now? After bricking a tonne of PS3s, now Sony's managed to right-royally screw up a butt-load of people's Freeview boxes. What the hell Sony?

The "major technical issue" pushed onto devices over the weekend has rendered a load of Freeview PVRs essentially bricks. It seems the update for Sony's HDX DVD recorders broke something, which has sent both Sony's Twitter feed and support forums into meltdown.

Sony says the issue is to do with the way Arqiva, which owns and operates Freeview in the UK, broadcasts the EPG data, rendering Freeview reception dead somehow. Retuning it seemed to do nothing to help the situation either, however Sony seems to think that some users have seen it right itself with new data pushed out by Freeview over-the-air.

I can personally vouch for the fact that loads of people have been hit by this, right during the climax to the Open too. Talk about bad timing. Let's hope Sony rectifies it all soon, and puts some sort of system in place to properly test these firmware updates before it bricks something else. It all smacks of cutbacks to me. Come on Sony, you're better than this. [BBC]

Image credit: Brick from Shutterstock

Update: Sony sent us the following statement.

"To clarify, Sony do not blame Arqiva for this, as the issue arose due to corrupt data originated by broadcasters, and how this data was processed by affected Sony devices.

Sony has been working with the broadcasters to try to work out why this issue has occurred and how to remedy it. For more information please go here."