Take a Shot In the Dark at Winning a Nokia Lumia 925 and Trip to New York

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Now you know all about the Nokia Lumia 925's super-duper awesome smart camera, you'll surely be chomping at the bit to see some examples of how it performs in low-light conditions. Ah yes, that bane of any photographer's life. Good thing Nokia's only gone and planted 15 of them in secret UK locations for you to win.

All you need to do is follow the clues, guess the location, and enjoy your new phone. Pretty easy, right?

Each night, at exactly 9:25pm (see what they did there?), the 15 Nokia Lumia 925s will take a photo from their secret locations, and if you happen to guess one of the locations shown, this top-notch new snapper from Nokia could be in your pocket before you know it.

Even better, you could be shooting the low-light conditions of New York with three of your pals, as not only is Nokia giving away 15 of its latest flagship phones, they're also giving away a trip for four to the biggest of apples. All the lucky winner needs to do is actually visit the very last location on the map and get captured in the official photo -- make sure you tag yourself on Nokia's site quickly, before anyone else gets in first! Consider that a warning; you don't want to miss out on this competition.

What, still hanging around here? We may as well tell you a bit about how the Nokia Lumia 925 manages to perform so well in dim light conditions.

Obviously the Carl Zeiss optics help capture the best clarity, but it's the f-stop (which goes up to a massive 2.0) which is the feature to send a thank-you e-card to. With more light hitting that sensor, and the optical stabilisation allowing for a longer exposure, night shots suddenly become much more possible in comparison to other smartphones.

Given the svelte aluminium frame of the Nokia Lumia 925, you don't have to compromise on those night-time shots when you've only got your smartphone on you -- it tucks into your pocket, weighing a third less than the previous flagship, the Lumia 920.

Really, we're surprised you're not looking at Nokia's Capture the Night site already. Go forth, intrepid explorers.