Time to Activate the Guardian's "Always-Off" Royal Baby News Filter

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Guardian's gone a bit edgy and anti-establishment today, unveiling a "Republican" button on its home page that filters out all news about the fortuitous little baby that's about to pop out of that woman in London.

Pressing it means you miss out on the paper's pre-prepared positive royal baby content such as the 'Do you know your royal baby names?' feature and some stuff about the difficulties in guaranteeing a girl's right to succession, plus the whole right-hand panel disappears and is replaced by the sport news that usually sits below it, promoting Chris Froome and England's latest Ashes triumph to above-the-fold prominence.

Does anyone have any other tips on avoiding the mega-saturated baby news coverage, other than hiding in a wardrobe until at least Thursday? [Guardian]