This Headset Claims to Be Able to Overclock Your Brain

By Sam Gibbs on at

Do you wish you could think and react faster? Without taking drugs? Well good news, because this new "" headset reckons it can speed you up by firing electricity into your noggin. Yes, really.

I say claims, because frankly, it seems a bit of a farce. At the very least it's highly unproven science, and considering your brain is a sensitive, precision piece of apparatus, messing with it when you don't know what you're doing seems incredibly dangerous to me.

The manufacturer of reckons that by sending jolts of electricity into your brain -- a therapy called Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation -- you can rev up the old grey matter and speed up your processing of information, thinking and reactions. Now, tDCS does have a foot in reality, as it's thought this kind of direct electrical stimulation could potentially be used to treat stroke victims, but it's very early days for even that kind of therapy. Meanwhile, when it comes to enhancing normal, healthy brains, there's a small amount of evidence that a carefully controlled and monitored amount of electricity delivered to the right areas of the brain could enhance your mental capacity.

The trouble is, it's certainly not totally proven, and it's a dangerous thing to be doing if you're not a highly-trained neuroscientist or, hell, a brain surgeon. Right now we don't even know what a safe current is for this kind of thing, so you could literally be frying your brain.

Still, it's app enabled, so you can control it with your iPhone, and it could work, so maybe it's worth a £180 punt? Rather you than me, though. [ via NeuroBollocks via Dvice]