Watch Out: That Headache Might Be Flesh-Eating Maggots In Your Brain

By Sam Gibbs on at

This is why Britain is such a safe, green and pleasant land, because none of these horrendous bugs or diseases live here. One poor woman came back from a holiday in Peru to discover that the monster headache and scratching noises she was suffering from were actually maggots burrowing through her ear canal into her brain.

It seems the brazen little sod, the New World Army Screw Worm fly, saw her ear canal as a safe haven to lay some eggs while she was out and about walking (!); it didn't even wait until she was sleeping. After jetting back to the UK, the blighters hatched, turning into little flesh-eating maggots that decided to burrow deeper into her ear towards her brain. It wasn't until she woke up one morning to find her pillow soaked with ear fluid that she realised the shooting pains in her head and face could be something serious.

The 27-year-old carted herself off to A&E, which referred her to an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT). The ENT team described what they saw as a "writhing mass" of creatures buried deep inside her ear. After trying to get them out, they only receded deeper into her ear, burrowing a 12mm hole in her ear canal. Trying to drown them out with olive oil failed too, and so the poor woman had to sedated while the doctors went to work with a microscope and speculum.


What the horrified medics found was not just a couple of maggots living there inside her ear, but a whole family of eight large maggots. Thankfully all the little buggers were removed and, luckily enough, they hadn't made it as far as the woman's brain.

Apparently she had felt a fly duck into her ear, but hadn't thought anything of it once shooing it out of there. Next time a fly comes anywhere near your head, you might want to freak out a little bit -- I know I bloody will. Oh, and I'm never going anywhere near Peru either. Yuck. [Telegraph]