Yet More Leaks Prove Google Is Just Bursting to Release the Nexus 7 Mark 2

By Sam Gibbs on at

Like someone absolutely desperate for the bog, Google (or is it Asus?) just can't keep the Nexus 7 in. Leaking like a broken seal, here's the Nexus 7 mark 2 in all its supposed glory, and it's looking tasty for a Wednesday announcement.

If real, and it certainly looks on the money courtesy of Android Police, two cameras are clearly visible on this thing, so we'll undoubtedly be subjected to another whole legion of tablet photographers (God help us).


As long as Google can squeeze the price down to the sub £200 level, which hopefully we'll find out tomorrow, this thing will simply fly off the shelves. I know I'm certainly looking at one, that's for sure. Anyone else tempted by a new Nexus 7? [Android Police]