Ben Affleck is the New Batman. Say What?

By Sam Gibbs on at

I'm afraid this isn't a joke. It seems the supposedly-wise bosses of Warner Bros have given Ben Affleck, him of Daredriveldevil fame, the nod. Apparently he's going to facing off as Batman against Superman in the Man of Steel 2. Ugh.

Now, I don't have anything particularly against Ben Affleck -- he's been in some decent films, and I hear he's good behind the camera too -- but Batman? No, he's certainly not Batman material in my eyes.

According to WB, Affleck will be playing a battle-worn, older Batman, someone who "bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter", and he'll be "older and wiser than Clark Kent". At least that shows we're not in for yet another reboot, and that WB is moving away from the epic origin trilogy that Nolan created in the Dark Knight series. Rumours also put Superman and Batman up against each other, which will be interesting. Something tells me I'll be rooting for Batman in that one over Mr. Squeaky Clean.

Can Affleck really pull off Bruce Wayne? I guess we'll find out. He has the chin for it, mind you, and he's already worn a Batman-style mask. What do you think? Winner or total loser here? [TotalFilm]