More Samsung Galaxy Gear Spec Rumours Appear, Ahead of September Announcement

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yet more supposed facts about what we can expect to see from Samsung's imminent smartwatch have appeared, with people who claim to have an inside line to the Korean giant listing hardware features, processor speeds and screen display sizes of the wearable device.

The source for the tech specs is AmongTech, which claims to have spoken to "sources" who work inside a US Samsung warehouse. It's all a bit suspicious, and we're not sure why an American box-stuffer would have much of an insight into a Korean manufacturer's top secret plans, but... you never know.

The suggested Galaxy Gear specs are as follows: 2.5-inch OLED display running at 320 x 320, 10-hour battery life, dual-core chipset running at 1.2GHz, 4-Megapixel camera able to capture footage at 720p resolution, Bluetooth 4.0LE, 1GB of RAM, and an unspecified version of Google's Jelly Bean OS as the OS.

Apparently there will also be two models, one with 8GB of storage space and an alternative with 6GB. Which sounds a little bit odd, but does tie in with what we've heard before. Someone will either be declared king of the internet or a massive liar come September 4th. [Amongtech via Techradar]

Image credit: YouTube