"Offensive, Sexist and Degrading" Pot Noodle Facebook Ad Banned

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the Pot Noodle bachelor foodstuff has been ordered to remove a post from its Facebook page, after complaints were received about content that encouraged users to "peel the top off a hottie." Meaning a Pot Noodle. And also a sexy lady.

The ASA explained that the Facebook post in question: "...showed a female model in a bikini next to a picture of a Pot Noodle with the text 'Phwarr is it me or is it getting hot in here? HOT OFF. Which one gets you hotter?'" and generated complaints from offended viewers.

The ad standards body agreed this was not acceptable, because it's not the 1990s any more and scientists have discovered that women have feelings too, saying: "...we considered the presentation of the woman in a sexual pose and the blatant comparison with the food product was crass and degrading."

The pot Noodle TV adverts along a similar theme escaped censure, although the ASA declared them to be simply "puerile" behaviour. [ASA via Campaign]