BBC Presenter Mistakes A4 Paper for iPad, Bravely Continues With Live Bulletin

By Gary Cutlack on at

Poor old BBC News anchor Simon McCoy has made one of the best live TV slips since his supporting role in Schafernaker-gate, by managing to present a bulletin holding a ream of A4 paper in place of his usual iPad.

The BBC was forced to explain that this wasn't any form of product placement or more signs that McCoy's pretty much had it with live news, explaining that: "This morning as Simon McCoy was preparing to introduce this story, instead of picking up his tablet to hold as he went to air, he mistakenly picked up a ream of paper that was sitting next to it. In the rush of live news, he didn't have an opportunity to swap the items, so simply went with it."

If nothing else, the clip illustrates how the presenters are only holding their iPads for show. Give them all a ream of paper and some crayons from now on and save the license payers some money. [YouTube via The Guardian]