Colin Farrell Grinding for Lead Hunk Role in Warcraft Movie

By Gary Cutlack on at

The long, colourful, and almost entirely miserable history of game-to-film translations is set to enter a new chapter, with a film based on global smash MMORPG World of Warcraft set to begin shooting early next year. And Colin Farrell's the latest name to pop up as the lead actor.

According to a rumour posted by film site Deadline, Farrell has been offered the role and is "50/50" about taking it. If he does, he's likely to be joined by and inevitably kissing Paula Patton, who's best known for her part in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Kind of boring choices, but if anyone can make a decent film-of-a-game it ought to be director Duncan Jones, who made the fantastic and original sci-fi thriller Moon. [Deadline via Massively]

Image credit: Colin Farrell from Shutterstock