Evernote Loses Plot With "Smart Covers for Your Feet," AKA £53 Business Socks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Evernote, which makes a very nice mobile phone app, has expanded its product range in a shock new direction, offering a selection of "Japanese Business Socks" for the discerning international playboy. With an asking price of around $85 (£53) for just five pairs. Which is mad on at least three separate levels.

Here's the ludicrous, are-they-actually-joking-or-what? product description from Evernote's US merchandising site:

"You see socks, we see smart covers for your feet. Applying the same design principles we use in our software – simplicity, creativity, productivity – this five- pack of impeccably crafted, highly breathable, mix-and-matchable Japanese business socks adds some ease to at least one of your daily decisions."

Clicking "Buy" adds them to a basket and prompts you to go through a checkout process, so we can only assume this is for real. [Evernote]