Five of the Best GTA V Raps, Musicals and Parodies

By Gary Cutlack on at

The above embedded video is the work of Dan Bull, the British rapper and gamer who's never short of an amusing rhythmical commentary on the latest video game releases. It's very clever and also neatly provides a summary of GTA V's back story. There are plenty more musical GTA-inspired gems out there, too...

If Dan's aggressive rapping and occasional profanity is causing you insanity, here's something to put you into a happy slumber -- a gentle musical number:

This musical advert for the delights of GTA V is a bit smug, and shows people playing it on PC which is a big faux pas, but still. You have to admire the production values and the enthusiasm of those involved. Only in America can people look that pleased with themselves.

In terms of making proper JOKES about it, College Humour decided to pretend GTA V is boring by being overly nerdy about the game's customisation tools and inventing some new mini games. The one about adjusting the shower temperature is rather nice.

As for offering critical content, YouTube user Jonathan Mann recorded this nice little whimsical song based on Leigh Alexander's popular parody review of the crime epic.

Finally, we've just waded through quite a few terrible "real life" GTA parodies, in which normal people video their friends pretending to be "in" the GTA world for comic effect. The most bewildering we could find was this bonkers German-language take on the concept. The going-on-the-internet bit of it transcends language barriers. [Kotaku, Metro]