GTA V's iFruit Companion App Lets You Walk Your Dog and Paint Your Car

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's an extra bit of GTA V excitement in store for iOS users today, thanks to Rockstar launching its iFruit companion app for Apple users. It's not a joke. It lets you customise your in-game car, walk your pretend dog and more.

The largest component of the app is the Los Santos Customs part, where owners of the game are able to edit their in-game car from the app, fiddling about with engines, brakes and wheels, and also changing the number plate of their chosen car.

Ad in a satirical swipe at the hordes of shabby grinding-based mobile apps and games out there, iFruit lets you take Chop -- your in-game dog -- for walks inside the app in order to earn credits to buy him new collars. The happier you make him in the app, the more helpful he'll be in the full game. Very clever.

The app's free and up on iTunes now. There's no sign of an Android version yet. And we haven't even bothered looking for a WP8 one, so there might be. [iTunes via VG247]