How To Survive Four Months in the Wilderness: Just Eat Rats

By Chris Mills on at

Bear Grylls, eat your heart out. A trekker trying to cross the decidedly inhospitable Andes (during winter, no less) has been found after a four-month survival epic, during which he lost 20kg and became particularly acquinated with rat a la raisin.

The man was found in an emergency shelter at almost 3,000m above sea level by a group of scientists trying to record snow records. Apparently, Raul Fernando Gomez Cincunegui was trying to cross the Andes between Chile and Argentina, but his motorcycle broke down and he lost his way during a snowstorm.

Undeterred, he survived for four winter months on a diet of rats, raisins, and the probably-mouldy contents of tins from the shelter's emergency supplies, comprehensively proving that you don't need a camera crew and a £90-knife to survive in the wild. [Metro]