Jackie Chan Is Building a Chinese Theme Park...Dedicated to Himself

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cheery stuntman Jackie Chan has announced plans to create a theme park all about himself and his life, which will house some of his personal items and provide fans with a few "cultural experiences" to boot.

The theme park, which'll be known as JC World, will appear in Beijing, with Chan planning to populate it with stuff he's collected over his years of travelling the world. Chan says the majority of the park will be free to visit, with some smaller paid areas funding the costly upkeep of his historical collections.

Furniture, jewellery and even some "antique buildings" bought and refurbished by Chan will feature, with Chan saying: "I want to exhibit all my stuff. They may not all be worth a lot of money, but they may have a story behind them." [Malaysian Times via Kotaku]

Image credit: Jackie Chan from Shutterstock