Man Stranded After Wheelie-Bin Tower On Top of Car Collapses

By Chris Mills on at

In a scene that was just made for Instagram video-ing, a man was stranded on a window ledge in the wee hours of this morning, after an incredibly elaborate and painfully stupid attempt to climb into his house went tits-up.

Upon arriving at his house in Goodends Close, Sutton, in the witching hours of Friday AM, the unknown man -- who, I'll just go ahead and assume was either very drunk or very tired -- found he was locked out. As is the norm in such a scenario, he stacked two wheelie bins on top of his car (which is a feat in and of itself), before climbing them to get through the open bathroom window.

Where the otherwise-excellent plan comes unstuck is that our hero was a little on the portly size for the particular window, and as such got stuck halfway in. To make a bad situation worse, the Leaning Tower of Sutton promptly collapsed, leaving him straded in the window, and needing the Fire department's slightly more solid ladders to get him down.

All's well that ends well, though -- the firefighters that got him down took pity on the poor guy, and sent their resident skinny kid in through the window to unlock the poor guy's door. [Local London]