Samsung's My Galaxy App is Your New Voucher/Deals/Tickets/Apps Portal

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung's launched a new app for its Android phones called My Galaxy, which combines phone feature guides with a vouchers and deals portal designed to offer Galaxy series users exclusive offers and more chances to buy things through their mobiles.

Calling it My Galaxy seems to be a bit of a shield, though, as it's really a sort of affiliate deals shop in the main part, encouraging users to download certain apps, buy discounted event tickets and spend £44.98 on a case for their new mobile. It's the sort of bloatware most people tend to ignore, in short, although there might be the odd free trial of a good app every now and again to make it worth opening once a quarter or thereabouts.

The app's up on Google Play right now, for owners of the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Fame and Galaxy S III Mini to fiddle about with. Samsung says it'll be pre-loaded on all its phones from later this year. [Google Play]