Scotland Horrified by "Druggie" GTA V Association

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the nice ways to pass the time while loitering in the GTA universe is spotting local references put in the game by its Scottish developers, although by using the real-world border town of Hawick to name a drug-laden district in the fictional game city, Rockstar has angered local councillors and the area's MSP.

Local councillor David Paterson told the BBC: "I am absolutely disgusted. There is a lot of history and a lot of good things happening in the town. We have got a lot of good things planned for this coming year. It is going to destroy the good reputation of the town."

It even caused worry higher up the political chain of command, with Hawick MSP John Lamont saying: "I, like many other Hawick residents, was shocked to hear that the name of the town had been used in Grand Theft Auto V. Not only is it a game which includes violence, sex and drugs, but the game’s producers themselves describe the area of Hawick in the game as having a ‘drug addict hipster vibe’."

We suspect there may be a pair of incompetent, crack-smoking politicians called Lamont and Paterson in GTA VI. [BBC via VG247]