Twitter's iOS 7 Overhaul Has a Dedicated Feed for TV-Related Tweets

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Even with all the changes iOS 7 brings in and of itself, it seems Twitter is taking the opportunity to not only get an exterior makeover—they want to completely overhaul the way you use the app itself.

Apart from aesthetics, the most notable change will be coming in the way Twitter handles television-related tweets, which they handle a lot of. As All Things D notes:

But perhaps the biggest change will be centered on that which Twitter wants to be connected to the most: Television. Sources say that Twitter is experimenting with another stream dedicated solely to TV-related tweets and conversations, one which will likely find its way into Twitter’s new redesigned app.

The real question, though, is whether or not Twitter will actually filter out TV-related tweets from this supposed new feed or if these tweets will show up in both places.

According to sources speaking to All Things D, you should be able to hold the bigger and (presumably) better Twitter in your hands come Wednesday official iOS 7 release. [All Things D]