An Asus-Built Google Nexus 10 Tablet Appears to Be on Its Way

By Gerald Lynch on at

We've had a revised Nexus 7 tablet already this year, so naturally it's about time we got a re-worked Nexus 10 tablet too. And it looks as though it's almost ready! But not from the manufacturer you're expecting; it seems Samsung has lost the Nexus 10 contract to Nexus 7 manufacturers Asus.

That's according to the latest tip off from serial leaker @evleaks, who has nabbed what appears to be a shot of a product listing describing the next-generation Nexus 10:

Admittedly, it doesn't reveal much -- it hardly comes as a surprise to find the next Nexus 10 being 10-inches in size, offering Wi-Fi and running Android. But seeing how well the high-resolution Samsung-built Nexus 10 was received, it's interesting that Google have knocked on Asus's door once again. Having said that, the 2013 Nexus 7 is so damn good, we'd love to see what Asus can pull out of the bag with 10-inches and Google's full co-operation at its disposal. [Twitter]