Android Rumours: New Nexus 10, and Tasty KitKat

By Chris Mills on at

It's a double serving of Android rumours today, with hardware and software both well represented. On the physical devices side, we've maybe-possibly got a leaked press render of the Nexus 10, and on the other hand, details of what might be in store with Android version 4.4, the ever-tasty KitKat.

First up, the press render. Sent to PhoneArena by an anonymous tipster, and therefore totally unverifiable and quite possibly fake, it at least ticks all the boxes for a leak: it looks like what a Nexus 10 would (black rectangle, running Android, tick tick), and it's been leaked right around when we'd expect the Nexus 10 to be updated -- around a year after the first one was launched, and in time for Christmas shopping.

More interesting, then, are the alleged details of Android 4.4. According to sources speaking to Korean news site ETNews, the focus of 4.4 will be Google TV, and the crossover between mobile devices and TVs, with a particular focus on improving the big-screen interface and the wireless links between the telly and your handset.

Given that we've also heard rumours that Google's semi-failed TV project will be renamed Android TV, combined with the fact that Google's clearly moving away from dedicated set-top boxes, thanks to the Chromecast, and all this seems plausible. [TechRadar]

Image credit: PhoneArena