Angry Mum Rips Off Son's Balls, Then Superglues Them Back On

By Gerald Lynch on at

When I was being a naughty child, just about the worst thing my parents ever did to punish me was hiding my Super Nintendo's powerpack. And I could be a right little bastard. Thank heavens then I wasn't born the child of Jennifer Marie Vargas, who nearly made a eunuch of her six-year-old son in a fit of rage, tearing his balls off.

The wife of a soldier at Joint Base San Antonio, Vargas proceeded to try to attempt to cover up her violence by supergluing her boy's balls back on. The poor little sod was found by his dad upon returning home, with the lad crying, pants stuffed with bloody tissues.

Rushed to hospital, the kid thankfully made a full recovery once surgeons were able to repair the four centimetre tear to his scrotum. Charged with assault, Vargas now faces 10 years in jail. [Gawker]

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