Fearless Scientists Attempt to Make Dark Matter in a Lab, Probably Endangering Us All

By Gerald Lynch on at

Dark matter -- we don't properly know what it is, or what it does, but there's a good chance that the stuff exists out in the cosmos thanks to gravitational evidence, even if it's otherwise invisible. Call me a coward, but on the basis that we've no real idea what dark matter is, I'd say we should play it safe and not start mucking around trying to create the stuff. You know, in case it causes the end of the world or something.

Obviously small problems such as the potential obliteration of life as we know it is of no concern to the mighty brains over at MIT, who have established a laboratory for the very purpose of unraveling the mysteries of dark mater. And they're aiming to even attempt to create the stuff.

The DarkLight lab project will try to account for the otherwise-unaccountable mass of the universe that many attribute to the presence of dark matter. Using a particle accelerator, the MIT scientists will power a beam of electrons at high power, and could reveal what particles or substance dark matter eventually decays into, as well as looking into what happens on the inside of the universe's stars.

That's the aim of course. When the inter-dimensional portal to the bugmen's world opens up, I, for one, will welcome our new insect overlords. [MIT via Dvice]