From Umbrellas to a Loved One's Ashes, the TFL Lost Property Office Has It All

By Gerald Lynch on at

I once lost my passport, lucky Sooty badge and a journal full of syrupy Sixth Form level poetry on a bus and, for a few weeks afterwards, became seriously paranoid that someone was going to take my identity, make a fortune off my flowing verse and, well, probably just throw away the Sooty badge. The reality was actually far different, with my satchel making its way to Transport for London's Lost Property department, a sprawling treasure trove of dotting commuter's goods.

Time Out's Now Hear This blog have been given a behind the scenes look at the department, where 246,241 items were handed in last year alone, and came across a real gem. Among the thousands of books, bags and broken toys sits the ashes of one Thomas Fredrick Johnston, who died 4th October 1994. The story of how his remains turned up alone on the transport system is anyone's guess, but I'd put money on alcohol being involved somewhere down the line -- I somehow doubt his last request was to be left on the back seat of a number 12 bus.

Check out the photos below for a rare glimpse inside.

[Now Here This - Time Out]