Here's a "Leaked" Gold iPad Mini 2 For All You Oligarch Wannabes

By Gerald Lynch on at

Though there isn't another object in shot to measure the tablet's scale against, NowhereElse is claiming that this is the gold-hued iPad Mini 2 rather than the full-scale iPad 5, complete with a TouchID fingerprint scanner where the Home button used to be.

If the leak can be believed it looks as though Apple is really looking to lock down a cohesive design standard across this generation of iPhones and iPads, given the gold-coloured finger-scanning iPhone 5S model.

All that'd be missing for the Mini would be a Retina display, which some have speculated could lead to stock scarcity should it make its way into the pint-sized slate.

Apple's big iPad reveal kicks of at 6pm UK time tonight. We'll have our Spandau Ballet CDs at the ready in preparation for this one's reveal. [NowhereElse via TechRadar]