How Did You Fare In St Jude's Great Storm of 2013?

By Gerald Lynch on at

"The end times are coming! The great flood! Our capitalist iniquities are being punished by the old gods!" Or at least that's what you'd think was happening, given the hysteria surrounding this morning's windy weather, courtesy of St Jude's storm.

Indeed, things got a little bit hairy for a little while there, with British southerners told to expect gale force winds that could hit speeds as high as 80mph. And certainly, there have been incidents where damage has been caused and power cuts have caused a degree of discomfort. Stories are still coming in from up and down the country, but for the most part it looks as though it was nowhere near as bad as the expectantly histrionic media would have lead us to believe. I half expected to wake up surrounded by munchkins, being chased by flying monkeys.

But how was it for you? Do you have a story of local heroism or storm-borne damage to share? Did you grow a beard especially for the occasion and raid the local pet store for as many pairs of hamsters, rabbits, kittens and gerbils as you could fit in your newly-christened rubber dinghy "Ark"?

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