Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show Listener Numbers Plummet

By Gerald Lynch on at

Bequiffed Radio 1 breakfast show DJ Nick Grimshaw is having problems of Partridge-like proportions, as his year-long stewardship of the show has seen listener numbers drop to their lowest figures in a decade.

Almost exactly a year since he took over from the inexplicably popular Chris Moyles, Grimshaw has struggled to emulate his predecessor's success, with an average of 5.58 million listeners each week. That's down 300,000, and still trailing behind Moyles's 6.73 million upon his departure from the post. It's also significantly less than Chris Evans' current Radio 2 breakfast show, pulling in 9.35 million listeners, with those jumping ship from Grimshaw seemingly migrating to the "older" station.

The Beeb, playing the long game with Grimshaw, seem happy though as the average age of Radio 1 show breakfast listeners is beginning to drop. But, with a generation brought up on YouTube and iTunes rather than the wireless, can Grimshaw (annoying as he is) be fully to blame if the numbers don't rise? Is the BBC chasing an audience that perhaps doesn't exist anymore, or at least in not the substantial numbers it once did? [Evening Standard]