O2 Customers (or Crafty Deal-Hunters) Get Free Evernote Premium as of Today

By Chris Mills on at

Signed a couple years of your life away to O2? Here's something to cheer you up this morning -- all O2 customers, rich or poor, new or old, Pay-as-you-Go or contract, get a free 1-year subscription to Evernote Premium as of today. That's an offer worth £35, so if you're an Evernote user and an O2 subscriber, it's worth checking out.

What's particularly interesting is that according to O2, even Pay-as-you-Go customers get access to the offer. So, in theory, if you got an O2 SIM with a tenner's worth of credit on it, you'd get the £35 Evernote Premium subscription. Worth the trip to the shops, maybe.

In any case, if you're an O2 customer, and want to take advantage of the offer, just visit this link any time in the next year.