Of Course You Can't Afford Bang & Olufsen's Arty First Set of Wireless Speakers

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ah, Bang & Olufsen. We sometimes wonder if the Danish company's audio goods are made purely for the sake of teasing us peasants with beautiful press shots. Take its new Immaculate Wireless Sound range -- its speakers look like they could be art installation pieces, and are priced accordingly, extortionately. Who can afford this stuff?

Made up of the BeoLab 17, 18 and 19, all use the 5GHz wireless range, working in tandem to deliver a 7.1 surround sound experience at 24-bit and 96 Khz, without a tangle of wires to untidy your pristine showroom flat.

Up top is the standing BeoLab 18, a wireless version of the BeoLab 8000, powered by two 4-inch midrange/ bass drivers, driven by two 160 watt class D amps. The curvy BeoLab 17s below are built using an extruded aluminium casing, each housing a single 6-inch midrange/ bass driver and three-quarter-inch tweeter powered by a pair of 160 watt amps. Also up top is the BeoLab 19, the gang's subwoofer, an anodised aluminium dodecahedron housing two 8-inch woofers with a low, low cut-off frequency of 21Hz (-10db).

Wallets at the ready; the BeoLab 18s are priced at £3990 for a set (add an extra £790 for a choice of custom lamella fronts), the 17s are £2590 a set and the 19 sub is £2,195. Top of the Christmas wishlist then.