Report: The New iPad Mini Will Be Retina After All

By Eric Limer on at

With Apple's big iPad event a day away, it's the last second to get in any predictions, and the Wall Street Journal has a good one. According to their sources, there is definitely a retina iPad Mini in the works.

The Wall Street Journal doesn't pin down a release time or price for the new, pretty-screened iPad Mini, but with an iPad event literally a day away, it's easy to make a guess at when. As for price, probably "more."

But the iPad mega is apparently getting a refresh as well. According to the WSJ, there's a new large iPad model coming that is lighter and thinner (duh) but that also uses a "thin film" on its screen, as opposed to a thick sheet of class like the 10-inch iPads we've seen so far. [Wall Street Journal]