Talking to Yourself Kinect Is the Primary Way to Navigate Xbox One Dashboard

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sure, you'll be able to do all this with an Xbox One controller too, but by the looks of all the marketing materials Microsoft is pumping out, it's really hoping you'll get chummy with Kinect, happily chatting away with it to navigate the next-gen console.

This latest video shows off how, with a few relatively simple voice commands, you'll be able to jump from a movie to a game request, instantly joining the action, snap two applications side-by-side for multi-tasking (such as a video and a web browser) and answer a Skype call from your impossibly well-kempt and well-spoken friends.

Or at least, that's the theory behind it all. This is clearly a staged advert, and not a real-time demo of the tech headed to homes this winter. In an ideal world it'll work just like this. But an ideal world this aint.