Tesco Ditching Baked Beans and Ready Meals From its "Finest" Range to Please the UK's Foodies

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco's about to re-jig the products it sells under its Finest brand, binning the baked beans and salty meats of uncertain origin and replacing them with more locally-sourced foods of which the "provenance" in provable. So there shouldn't be any grey EU chicken in the fish fingers.

The change sees the supermarket giant launching 400 new products in its upmarket in-house range, with three-quarters of the 1,500 Finest products subject to some sort of refresh or upgrading of the ingredients. Tesco says this is because UK shoppers are a more sophisticated bunch nowadays, thanks to the likes of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall endlessly banging on about local produce and the importance of eating seasonal veg. There's going to be celeriac in everything from now on, basically.

We're also supposed to start writing Finest with a lower-case "F" and with a "*" after Finest, like finest*, but that looks silly so we won't. [Brand Republic]