This (Slightly Morbid) Interactive Chart Maps British Deaths in the 21st Century

By Gerald Lynch on at

Brits in the 21st century are most likely to die from circulatory diseases. FACT. That's the finding of the latest Guardian Data Blog, which tracks all registered deaths between 2001 and 2012 across England and Wales.

The interactive, ironically colourful chart lands alongside newly published data from the Office for National Statistics, revealing that heart attack deaths have halved while deaths from cancer have risen.

On the other end of the probability spectrum, only three men managed to get themselves killed by poisonous snake bites, while one man somehow managed to contract dengue fever (AKA 'Breakbone Fever'), a relatively rare tropical disease that has had a significant breakout in the past few days.

Overall, Brits alive now can expect to live an extra six hours for every day they walk the earth compared to previous generations. Which counts for nothing when you remember that the pension age has crept up to cancel out any lazy-days old folk benefits. [Guardian]