Wave to Wake Your Android Tablet? Google Buys Motion Control Gurus Flutter

By Gerald Lynch on at

Fancy ditching finger swipes or mouse clicks all together when using your tablet or laptop? Google wants to help -- they've just bought motion control specialists Flutter, meaning hands-off controls will likely be coming to Android devices.

Flutter began life as an OS X-only application, using a user's laptop or desktop webcam to react to gestures such as waves, closed fists and hitchhike thumbs. Now available for Windows and within the Chrome browser, the motion of your hand can be used to control programs such as PowerPoint, Spotify and iTunes and (within Chrome with the appropriate extension) sites like YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark and Netflix.

It works surprisingly well considering there's no need for new motion tracking hardware to be installed, and existing users will be pleased to hear the new deal shouldn't affect their current use of the Flutter app. In fact, things can only get better; with the might of Google now behind Flutter, the team plan to work on increasing the number of gestures, programs and controls that Flutter can handle. [Flutter]