Gadgets in the Bedroom Stress Kids, Disrupt Sleep and Impact on Brain Performance

By Gary Cutlack on at

The kids of the nation aren't going to like the advice dished out by Journal of Pediatric Psychology, which is suggesting that gadgets and TVs should be removed from the bedrooms of children to help them sleep. Because more sleep equals better brains.

Researchers claim that having too many toys in the bedroom make it seem like the sort of place where fun should be happening, making it harder to sleep. They also suggest that playing violent video games in the bedroom is bad, as it can teach the brain that the room is associated with stress, fear and killing, and that too may make it tough to switch off and go to sleep when your subconscious is expecting an alien soldier to de-cloak and start shooting you.

And it doesn't appear to be idle scaremongering, either. The researchers claim that delaying sleep time by one hour can impact upon school performance, with less sleep lowering memory performance and making kids generally poorer at completing maths tasks. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Computer at night from Shutterstock