Here's the Million-Selling PlayStation 4 Cooked in a Microwave in the Name of Art

By Gerald Lynch on at

You've waited eight years to get your hands on a new console from Sony and, when the PlayStation 4 finally arrives, what do you go and do? You bung it in the microwave, of course.

Self-proclaimed "professional microwaver" Kenny Irwin sacrificed his $399/£349 PS4 in the name of art, aiming to put the charred remains of the next gen machine on eBay. Cooking the PS4 to a crisp in 44 seconds, the 39-year old Irwin now has the console listed on eBay for $11,151.30 (£6,922). Good luck with that.

For the sake of the ozone layer and firefighting teams across the States, here's hoping Irwin is alone in burning his PS4 at the ready-meal stake. Sony managed to shift a cool 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles by launch day, making it the company's fastest-selling machine ever, and making for quite the bonfire should Irwin get anywhere near the entire stockpile of consoles now being enjoyed by gamers.