Margate's Dreamland and its Wooden Rollercoaster Reopen Ahead of Massive Refurb

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Dreamland attraction in Margate, which was once home to the largest big wheel in Europe before London made big wheels fashionable again, is back in business. It reopened for a short spell so locals could get a look at plans to rebuild the coastal attraction.

The Dreamland dream died in 2006, when the original owner closed it to the public. Since then the site has been compulsory purchased by the local council (and damaged by an arson attack), that is keen to restore and rebuild the park and its Grade II listed wooden rollercoaster, turning it into what it describes as a heritage theme park to remind us of how people used to have fun.

The charitable trust in charge hopes to have it open again, with rides and merchandising and burger franchises and everything, in time for Easter of 2015. [BBC]