Google Employees Take to Quora to Slag the Company Off

By Gary Cutlack on at

A mass of former and current Google employees are currently talking about the best and (mostly) worst things about working for the company, revealing that because it's such a popular workplace the smartest of tech graduates will do anything to work there. This generation's Alan Turings are kept busy checking YouTube policy violations.

The Quora thread suggests that there's such a high bar to entry that pretty much everyone who works there is a Triple-A tech genius, although this means promotion and standing out from the rest is hard -- meaning there can be a tendency for people to coast along and enjoy the kudos, high pay and perks of the job. One suggestion is that this situation is quite OK by Google bosses, because as long as the best people work there they're not working for its competitors.

Here are a few of the more bizarre comments that come from those who claim to be at Google or have worked in one of its many global offices at one time or other:

"Too many great people, doing work that just doesn't matter, and they're being paid off not to care in an explicit effort to starve the rest of the valley of extraordinary talent."


"...if you enter the business thinking that you somehow will have a hand in steering that mission, it's not the place for you. Real decisions are made at the absolute highest levels only. Everything else is finely tuned execution and requires very little thought."


"It sounds like a first-world problem. But their food. I put on 18 kilos while working at Google. But they also provided access to great gym within the office. One of my colleagues lost 20-30 kilos while I was there. But with so much food around, it was hard to resist and soon I realized that I was eating whenever I was bored or thinking."


"I habitually describe my time working as an AdWords monkey as being like a janitor at the UN. You know that theoretically great world changing things are going on in the building, but all you ever really see is shit."


"...a guy I know, who likely has one of the best analytical minds I have ever known, went from being a systems admin running a super-computer cluster for a USGov agency to swapping DIMMs and drives in a Google Datacenter."


"In Zurich there is a quiet room where people go to relax, or take a nap. There are very nice looking fish tanks there and you can waste as much of your work time there, watching the fish do fishy things. There was a 100+ emails thread about removing the massage chairs from that room because some people allegedly were being kept from sleeping because the massage chairs were too noisy."


Sounds terrible. Who do you send CVs to? [Quora via Business Insider]