Possibly the Comfiest Nutcracker You'll Ever Use

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Halloween's come and gone, and as we move towards the Christmas holidays, those dwindling bowls of sweets will soon be replaced with overflowing mountains of nuts‚ÄĒnecessitating some way to bust open those hard shells. A hammer's a little brutish, and using your teeth is just a terrible idea.

What you need is this lovely purpose-built nutcracker from Normann Copenhagen, featuring a thick silicone handle so you don't destroy your hands in the process.

The flexible silicone also forces the nutcracker's jaws open after each use, so it's always at the ready for the next nut. At £35 it isn't cheap, but with seasonally-neutral red or black colour options, you'll be able to use it all year round. [Normann Copenhagen via Notcot]