Scientists Hacking up Dead People Discover New Knee Ligament

By Gary Cutlack on at

That's not a chicken drumstick left over from today's meat feast team lunch. It's a dissected human knee. It shows, for the first time, a thing scientists are calling the anterolateral ligament -- a previously undiscovered part of the human body.

A team from the University of Leuven, led by Dr. Steven Claes, made the discovery. The ligament helps attach the thigh bone to the shin bone, assisting the anterior cruciate ligament in keeping our knee joints stable.

Oddly, though, the anterolateral ligament is supposedly found in only 97 per cent of people, with 40 of the 41 human knees cut up by researchers showing the extra ligament; suggesting some of us have better knees than others. [Geek]

Image credit: University Hospitals Leuven