This Chart Shows Which Doctor Who Spent the Most Time (Travelling) On Our TV Screens

By Gerald Lynch on at

They may dart liberally across space and time, but when it comes to screen time, each successive Doctor Who has a very finite tenure on the show. So who's had the keys to the Tardis the longest?

The chart below, torn from the pages of Time & Space Visualiser: The Story and History of Doctor Who as Data Visualisations, reveals all. Designed by Paul Smith, it sees the fourth Doctor -- fan favourite Tom Baker -- way out in front with 71 hours and 37 minutes of screen time. Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann (who only got a single made-for-TV movie) was the shortest lived of all Doctors, with just 1 hour and 4 minutes. Will the next Doctor, Peter "Swear-y Malcolm Tucker" Capaldi, outlive them all as the show's 50th anniversary episode approaches?

We've hidden a full-size view of the chart, Tardis-style, inside that one embedded below. Give it a click to blow it up big style. [Wonderful Book via The Register]