Toyota's FV2 Concept Car Wants to Be Your Friend and Read Your Emotions

By Gerald Lynch on at

A car that's also your friend? That's not named Kitt or Bumblebee? Toyota is looking into it, revealing its FV2 concept car ahead of this month's Tokyo Motor Show.

A single-seating car-bike hybrid, the four-wheeled vehicle would become easier to drive by "connecting physically and emotionally with the driver". Sensors in the car's dashboard and windshield would allow the vehicle to read the driver's voice and facial expressions and gauge their mood, with the windshield changing colour if the driver is on the verge of having a road-rage meltdown. That windshield would also have HUD features, such as navigation and mapping instructions.

Adding to the sense that the FV2 is more like a loyal horse than a lifeless old car, Toyota's mechanical steed could also be steered with movements rather than a wheel, with leans to the left or right controlling direction, and back and forth handling braking and accelerating. [Mashable]