UK Considers Facebook Voting Option to Counter Mass Voter Apathy

By Gary Cutlack on at

Would the young people of the UK be more likely to vote at the next election if they could do so by clicking a big "LIKE" button beneath Nick Clegg's sad face? That's the hope of a new parliamentary committee, which is asking today's tech giants to come up with a bulletproof method to make internet voting a possibility.

Commons Speaker John Bercow is chairing a special Speaker’s commission on the merits of "digital democracy" and will be asking managers from Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Google and Microsoft to pop in for a chat about how and if the whole internet voting thing can be successfully pulled off over here.

Bercow suggests we follow the lead of Estonia, which lets voters register online to vote via a computer or do it by mobile phone using a PIN number, a move which saw 25 per cent of people vote digitally in 2011 and may lead to more than half of all votes arriving in paperless form in the country's 2015 elections. [Independent]