Underground Bosses Solve Overcrowding Issue by Telling Travellers to Walk -- What's Your Transport Top Tip?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Passengers on the Northern Line are benefiting from some bleeding-edge transport advice from TfL, with London's Underground managers suggesting they enjoy a nice walk instead of taking the train to avoid overcrowding.

The advice is to help deal with capacity issues between Tooting Bec and Clapham North, with passengers asked simply to not bother trying to get on trains between 8:00am and 8:45am when the people-crunch is at its most dense and furious. TfL's leaflet on the matter suggests: "For example if you get the Tube at Clapham North to Stockwell just to transfer to the Victoria Line maybe you could instead walk as it would only take 10 minutes."

But as everyone in London knows, walking is often the best choice anyway. It can be quicker, it's obviously cheaper, you learn your way around better and, as long as you don't walk along the busiest, stinkiest, most polluted routes, it's better for your health.

So how have you "hacked" the underground or your local public transport system? And yes, we already know the one about getting in the right carriage so you're first up the escalators. That's basic stuff. [BBC]

Image credit: London Underground from Shutterstock