A 3D Printer That Draws Designs in Jelly Shots

By Ashley Feinberg on at

As soon as mankind fully masters 3D printing, we'll be able to make anything, in any shape, at any time. We'll be, for all intents and purposes, gods. But until then, we might as well use the technology to inject even more liquor (in fun shapes!) into jelly shots, right?

That's exactly what Jeroen Domburg did for his very lucky friend's 25th birthday party. Using parts swiped from old DVD and CD drives, Domburg rigged up a 3D printer that simply uses a hollow needle to print with a mixture of liquor, food colouring, and corn starch instead of plastic. Once inserted into the shot, the printer can be instructed to make a variety of figures like any other 3D printer, just, you know, in alcohol infused jelly instead of thin air.

Unnecessary? Certainly. But a drinking device everyone could get behind? You bet. [YouTube via BoingBoing]