Dr Dre's Beats Music Streaming Service Prescribing Tunes From Next Month

By Gerald Lynch on at

Beats by Dre's streaming music service—Beats Music—will launch next month, with rap's premier unqualified doctor lending his marketing clout to the new Spotify rival.

Likely arriving at CES which is where it was announced a year ago, you can go sign up for updates and reserve your username now.

The music streaming market globally is becoming incredibly crowded. While the UK's top service is the world-beating Spotify, followed Deezer and Rdio, there are tons of others vying for attention, such as Google Play Music, Sony Music and iTunes Radio -- each with massive companies behind them that will not let them fail. Look across the pond and you can add the likes of Rhapsody and Pandora to that already-established list. Beats Music isn't going to have an easy ride.

Where Beats Music possibly has an advantage is in its existing brand awareness and the popularity of its cans -- if the good Doctor can continue to convince the kids that their street cred will take a beating if they chose a rival's (aurally superior, no doubt) headphones over his, AND pack in a trial subscription with each pair sold, there's a ready-made early user base that's good to go.